Welcome to the Flying Chef!

Sha Lu Feng Wei Xia (menu no. 20)

Flying Chef is a Shanghai-based, exceptional and innovative service where you can book an experienced Chinese chef  to cook in your home for private dinners and events.

Our Head Chef, Mr. Li, has worked in some of Shanghai's most renowned restaurants and worked as chief cook in a Chinese restaurant in Germany for 7 years before he returned to Shanghai to become one of our flying chefs, preparing tasty Chinese food in the comfort of your own home.  

How does it work?

Mr. Li - your chef

Learn how easy it is to book our Flying Chef in this step by step guide. Basically, after completing your non-binding request through our contact form we confirm your booking by phone or email, you choose the dishes you want and then you can sit back and enjoy the evening with your friends without thinking about buying food, cooking or cleaning the kitchen - our flying chefs will do all this for you and make sure that you and your guests will experience an unforgettable evening.

What they say...

Beijing Pian Pi Ya (menu no. 13) "... Dish after dish was met with oohs and aahs by my fellow dining mates (...) the taste of the dishes themselves was definitely above par. For approximately 160rmb per head, it's a reasonable night in." (Smartshanghai.com)

"Chef Li has been whipping up Chinese and South East Asian feasts in the lanehouses of Shanghai’s expats for the past four years and he has the home catering gig down to a science..." (Shanghai Talk)