Who we are

The Flyingchef was created in 2007 by Gian Saratz from Switzerland and Li MaoSheng from Shanghai.

About Mr. Li

Mr. Li - your chef  As a boy growing up in Qingdao, he was very interested in the diversity of Chinese cuisine. To learn the art of cooking, Mr. Li worked as an assistant from the age of 16 in different restau-rants. At the age of 25 he moved to Shanghai, where he worked at a renowned Shanghai restaurant. Ten years later he was hired by a Chinese restaurant-owner to work in his restaurant in Darmstadt, Germany for three years. There he experienced for the first time the big differences between Eastern and Western cultures and cuisines. After working as a chef for seven years back in Shanghai, he returned to Germany to work in Frankfurt for another four years. Since 2006 Mr. Li's been back in Shanghai and wants to please his customers with his cooking skills.